Wokingham Winter Carnival Committee are focussed on COVID safe plans, to ensure we protect all carnival visitors from infection and to stop the spread of COVID.  

  1. Lateral flow testing – All stallholders, fairground attendees and marshals etc are requested to do a lateral flow test 48 hours prior to attending the event
  2. Face masks – All stallholders and fairground attendees are requested to wear masks on their stalls and to have ample gel for regular hand washing as they are interacting with the public
  3. Queuing – All Stalls are requested to ensure that sensible queuing is encouraged, queues from one side only of their stalls, with requests to ask people not to crowd or bunch when queuing
  4. Carnival QR code* – They will be sited at all access points to the town with requests that visitors scan the code on arrival

*A QR code is, effectively, a bar code that is read by a smartphone camera, QR reader app (or the NHS COVID-19 app in this case). Once scanned, the QR code takes the user to either an online form (or an app installed on the user’s phone) which records the date and time of the user’s visit to the premises. The collected information is then used to identify a visitor that may have a connection to a COVID hot spot.

Click here to access the QR code.